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Ticketing Information For 2016[edit]

Attending Burning Man requires a ticket per participant. Additionally, each vehicle requires a permit that may be purchased at additional cost. The cost of tickets varies from year to year, and are sold in tiered prices.

The official location for purchasing tickets to Burning Man is

As of Jan 31, pricing and sale date for tickets has not been announced for the 2016 event, due to a disagreement between the Burning Man Organization and the State of Nevada regarding a new Live Entertainment Tax. For more information about this issue, please see this article.

Alternative Sources For Tickets[edit]

If you do not get a ticket, do not fret! There are numerous opportunities to obtain tickets to the event.

The best way to improve your chances of getting a ticket to the event is to get involved. Camps, art installations and other organizations such as [Rangers] have access to tickets that they may make available to members on an as-appropriate basis. Get involved in one (or more) of these projects, and the chances are good that you may hear about tickets. Also, volunteering and working on one of these projects is a great way to learn about extra tickets people may have, or tickets from people whose plans have changed and are no longer able to attend the event. It may take a bit of work, but it's usually fun work with great people!


Please do not reward and encourage scalpers by purchasing overpriced tickets. This includes tickets available from craigslist, ebay, stubhub, and other sites that broker the sale tickets to events at inflated prices. Please report any overpriced tickets to the Burning Man organization (Link TBD).

If you have an extra ticket, please strongly consider selling your ticket at face value. Please do not dilute the community values or exploit your fellow burner by profiting wildly when selling your ticket.

Ticketing History[edit]

Prior to 2011, tickets were freely available from the Burning Man organization up through the duration of the event.

In 2011, tickets sold out in July, creating the first scarcity event. Following this, every year since 2011 tickets have sold out quickly, within a few hours on the first sale day. The org has tried a number of processes to deal with this issue, to varying degrees of success. The goal has been to discourage ticket scalpers while making sure that as many people who want to attend the event can obtain an affordable ticket.

In 2015, in an attempt to reduce the number of cars on the roads to and from the event, the Burning Man organization introduced a vehicle permit, which is a $35 ticket for each car.

Since 2011, when tickets first sold out, there has been a rush to purchase tickets on the first day of sale. This has created a scarcity