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Local Events[edit]

Seattle has an active Burning Man community, with events throughout the year.

Preparing for Burning Man[edit]

Get Involved![edit]

Want to get involved?

Seattle-Area Community Organizations[edit]

So, what is Burning Man, anyway?[edit]

Burning Man is a unique event held annually in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Part art festival, part experimental community, the event is home to what becomes Nevada's sixth largest city for one week per year. During that week, a cacophony of participatory art, grand performances and a gratuitous amount of propane bring Black Rock City alive day and night. At the end of the event, the entire city is dismantled and disappears, only to arise the year following.

Owing to the harsh conditions at the event and the shared spirit of its attendees, Burning Man has given rise to a community of people, self described as Burners, that embody and live its principles.

For more information about Burning Man, see the Burning Man Organization's website